Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great Love for Green Linen

I had the opportunity to re-mix my green dress a few different ways over the weekend.  My work place is a bit conservative, so I did not feel comfortable rocking a few of my re-mix ideas during the week.  So here are a few more of my 30 for 30 outfits!  On Saturday night I played Scrabble with a few friends.  Scrabble with wine is so much more fun!  I did not win...I did however appreciate the fact that my Scrabble Diamond edition is made entirely of fancy plastic when I spilled my wine....all was well!  I wore my Forever21 green linen dress with my Merona cardigan from Target and Nine West brown pumps.  I love this dress....I cannot wait to wear it properly with some cute sandals and a cardigan!  I styled the dress for colder weather here.

This was my church outfit. It was a bit racy with the fishnets.  But I felt like the tweed brought the sauciness down a bit.  I felt a bit school girl-esque tying my shirt this way.  I haven't done that since fourth grade.  Dwelling and Telling gave me the idea of tying the shirt to shorten it up a bit.  

 I got inspiration for trying one piece unexpectedly over another from Shea-babe!  She has done so well putting shirts over dresses to change the shape. 

For work Tuesday I styled my J. Crew ruffled top a new way! I wore it underneath my vintage velvet jumper!  I also wore it with my Forever 21 brown blazer that has flecks of yellow and gold in it.  

Outfit 29 was officially a very bad outfit.  It was a plaid with plaid outfit.  The plaid on the brown blazer is quite subtle though!  NO MORE 30 for 30 outfit left!  There have been some other bad ones along the way that I did not put up pictures of.  So to end on a high note like Shea Babe...I will spare you all having to see it ;).

Outfit 30 was possibly worse.  I tried paring my red corduroy skirt (pictured here) with a cardigan over it.  What I feared did in fact occur,  it created an odd bulge in my tummy area where I did not need it.  So the final outfit of my 30 for 30 will not be appearing on the blog.  But I am SOOO happy to be done with the 30 for 30 challenge!  There were some good, some bad and some ugly outfits.  But I did come out of the challenge with a much better appreciation for my other clothes, and several of the pieces that I did learn to remix.  A few of the standout favorites are the velvet brown jumper pictures in day 28 above, day 20day 9 and a few other days that did not make the cut for blogging.

Why I remix?  

I remix because of what I aspire to be.  I want to be a confident woman with a sense of style that is not based on loud or excessively trendy pieces, but in the practice of wearing things in ways that immediately set me apart from the rest.  I hope to learn to disobey the “rules”, discard any fixed ideas on how to wear things and finally step out of my comfort zone.  I also need to stop buying random new pieces to wear, I need to learn to use what I have in new ways as Kendi Everyday mentioned.

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