Monday, January 31, 2011

Paperplanes and Maryjanes is doing an awesome giveaway!

Paperplanes and Maryjanes, one of the blogs I follow, is doing an amazing give away of Winnie Chair Art Jewelry make sure to enter!

Layers Gone Awry!

The forecast is nasty here in Wichita.  After a lovely weekend we are set to get a few inches of snow today or tonight.  In preparation I decided to wear a few layers today.  I started with my red Express cami to bring some color to this outfit.  I'm afraid that it ended up making me a bit short waisted.  I'll make sure not to pull it down so far next time!  The jacket is vintage Pendleton.  Necklaces are J. Crew.  Sweater is a black cashmere Ralph Lauren from Dillard's I snagged for $25.00.  The pants are J. Crew. The boots are black leather ankle length Antonio Melani.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

French Toast Delight

Recipe by Angela!

Today I decided to make Deceptively Delicious French Toast.  Basically it is normal French Toast with 2 TB of  pureed sweet potatoes mixed into the eggs.

                                             My dog Pistol decided to get in on the action.

Photo Shoot with Spectra Studios

My dad, Gilbert Carlon owns Spectra Studios and is a photographer in Kansas City.  He does commercial stuff including products and advertising.  He also excels at shoots with models and weddings.  My sister and I did a shoot with him not long ago.  My sister was wearing a Grecian goddess dress by Arden B.  My dog Pistol is in the shot.  The purse is from the Pink Suitcase in Ottawa, Kansas.

In this shot my sister and I are posting at Shawnee Mission Park in Shawnee, KS.  The darker dog is my parent's dog Sadie.  I am wearing a pink trench coat from Macy's by INC International.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Winter Re-Mix 2011 for Angela

One of the reasons that I started this blog was to force myself to be more inventive and use the pieces I have in new ways.  I have taken up the challenge from one of my favorite blogs Kendi Everyday to do the 30 for 30 day re-mix. that starts February 1st  Here are the pieces that I have chosen to re-mix.  There are a few of my favorite mainstay pieces.  However, there are a several that I unearthed and have not utilized appropriately.  I also have lost an inch or two from my new workouts at the YMCA so the red tweed slacks have not fit comfortably before.  


Shea sent me this fabulous blingly necklace for Christmas. 

I was not sure how to style the necklace until I remembered this grey dress Shea gave me! The boots are black leather Anne Klien boots from several years ago. Black Calvin Klien tights. Grey dress is from Dunnes in Ireland also! The bracelet is from Forever 21.  Even though it was a balmy 70 degrees in Wichita it had cooled off a bit by nightime, so I wore this Apt. 9 gold trench with peter pan collar from Kohl's.


The clutch is "Holly Would" for Target.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Newfound wrap dress!

In an effort to enjoy our 65 degree weather here in Wichita I went on a search for a lighter fabric dress to wear today.  I found this wrap dress I have not worn in literally a year or two.  I have been working out more lately, so the less forgiving fabric is alright for now!  I am also wearing a cardigan sweater from a discount store in Ireland, black Calvin Klein tights, and red Bandolino shoes.  I LOVE the button detail on this cardigan.  I wish I could find more sweaters with this.  I am still making use of my ipod touch camera.  I think my point and shoot takes better shots.  But, I need to find my tripod! I will hopefully add a full length shot later today!

                                                      The cross necklace is Primer Jewelry.

Antonio Melani

This is a dark Antonio Melani dress with classic round/boat neck.  It is made out of a rick tapestry like fabric.  I wear a turtle neck under this when it gets quite cold.  I am also wearing a silver ball Tiffany's necklace.

Lions, Tigers and Bears - OH MY

I was not really chased by lions, tigers OR bears when taking these pictures.  I am trying to make more use of my ipod touch camera.  This was the first time around with many favorite items.  I am loving yellow this season. This is a yellow silk blouse from J Crew via ebay, J Crew pearl necklaces and a sweater with animal print from Express.

Ireland for Shea's Wedding

Hubbs (Joshy) and I traveled to Killarney, Ireland for Shea's wedding.  Shea and I met at the University of Kansas doing Mock Trial. 

We flew into Limerick Airport and immediatly visited our first site, Bunrotty castle.

My best friend Shea was married in St. Mary's Cathedral in Killarney, Ireland.

In addition to the amazing wedding celebrations we also were treated to a Ring of Kerry tour by the groom's father named Kevin. The Killarney National Park is best visited via bicycle. We rented some from a local hostel. This is Muckross Abbey.


Torc Waterfall is also in Killarney National Park.

Muckross House, also in Killarney National Park.


Muckross Abbey.  It was used during the 1600s.  They piled dead bodies in the Abbey during the plague.  The living did not have enough energy to bury all the dead for many years.


Blarney Castle near Cork!


Travels to New Orleans

My husband and I had never been to New Orleans.  We had a lovely time seeing the sights over Christmas.  We do have wonderful families that love us.  But, as a young couple with limited vacation time we have to travel when we can. We attended Christmas Eve mass at St. Louis Basillica.  It was PACKED.  We actually tried to go to 5pm mass but there were no seats left when we arrived 30 minutes  early.  So we arrived about one hour and fifteen minutes before midnight mass.  There was a huge crowd already waiting.  We did make it inside though. 

We learned about the "shot gun" houses that the French built.  Apparently privacy was less importat than a good breeze.  So everyone walked through each room and bedroom to pass throught the house.

We also REALLY enjoyed the street muscisans.  This is the "Smoking Time Jazz Club".  They are amazing.  We actually bought their CD, which I have added only my jazz playlist.  You can hear their stuff here.

We took a wonderful tour with Confederacy of Cruisers. It was a VERY cold Christmas day...but our tour guide made it out. On the tour we went all over the Ninth Ward and saw the Arts Academy in New Orleans! It is a public magnet high school..many of the greats learned here and continue to give back..including members of the Marsalis family and Harry Connick Jr.!

Gathering with Friends

My husband and I attended a gathering with friends not too long ago that was a great time.  I had been coveting a brightly colored J Crew blazer.  I found a reasonably good deal on this one.  I wore it with Elle jeggings, and a Mossimo Tissue turtleneck.  The necklace was  Christmas gift from my I'm not sure where it came from!

New Year's Fashion

It is almost February of 2011...and I am FINALLY getting back to my blog.  I LOVE reading other people's blogs about fashion, design and children.  So here is another shot at my own.  I hope to start taking pictures of my own outfits and postin them here.

The last big event I attended was NYE in Kansas City.  Apparently the NYE celebration at the Hyatt can be MUCH more fancy that I realized.  However, my husband I enjoyed ourselves just the same.  I wore an Arden B top inherited from a friend of mine, Elle jeggings from Kohl's and black leather boots from Aerosoles.

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