Monday, February 7, 2011

Ruby Red

I've had this ruby red skirt for quite awhile.  I don't normally like to wear it...and now I know why! I love the bow on it and the lovely red corduroy fabric.  That's the main reason I chose it for my 3o for 30 remix.  The skirt is quite fitted in the waist and sits very high up.  So it is difficult to wear longer layers with it.

I've personally loved the longer layers so popular the last few seasons.  Those longer layers help elongate my short waist.  In this outfit I head to fold under my sweater to show the bow on the skirt! I think it would have looked a bit lumpy if the sweater went over the bow.  So needless to say....I think I look a bit shorter in the waist with this look.  Hubbs took these there is a fuzzy one.  It would have been great!

This is a black express sweater over a patterned silk button down was thrifted from Arizona Trading Company in Lawrence.  The red skirt was from Macy's.  These are Calvin Klein black tights with Anne Klein black boots.

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