About Shea

I decided to co-author this blog about my personal fashion in the hopes that it will push me to be more creative with my current wardrobe. Also, it is an excellent way for me to keep in touch with Angela, see what's she's up to and trade fashion tips from "across the pond." I'm extremely excited to be involved in this with my best friend!! After graduating from KU with a degree in psychology, my life lead me down a different path than I expected it to. I ended up moving to Ireland to continue my education and be with the man I fell in love with (and married)! 
Lots of things changed for me when I decided to move. I had to say good bye not only to my family and friends but also half of my wardrobe! Angela was lucky enough to inherit some of it though so at least it went to a good home ;)

My style is very girlie and feminine with a bit of an edge thrown in. I love, love, LOVE dresses and would wear them everyday if I could. Some favourite colours of mine are pink, black and teal. I have some distinctive vintage pieces that I like to mix into my wardrobe from time to time but I do wish my vintage collection was as big as it used to be and as you'll see, I wear a lot of black.

I live in Cork, Ireland with my husband, David, and our cat Chloe...who is also fashionable in her ladybug hat! I have a MSW and am working at a senior citizens centre at the moment and on the side I make jewellery and handknit baby clothes and toys. I have an Etsy shop where I sell all my pretty pieces so stop by and say hello there too!

I recently became a Momma to a beautiful baby boy named Rory. He gives me such happiness and I love making him laugh and getting cuddles. I'm hoping the blog will help me stay motivated to be a Yummy Mummy Xx

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