Sunday, March 6, 2011

Bringing the Glam to Tallgrass

The Tallgrass Film Festival is a pretty big deal in Wichita, Kansas....and hopefully at some point it will be more well known around the U.S. It is an independent film festival that brings independent film enthusiasts, producers and aficionados from around the U.S.  There have been several pretty cool magazine articles about it like this one from the Boston Globe.  My firm wanted me to join the Young Professionals group in town.  The first event that they are holding is a Tallgrass Film "Suds and Cinema" event tonight. We will be enjoying Tallgrass beer and a film.  I will also get a membership to the Tallgrass Film Festival Association for a year!  So I will get to attend the Tallgrass Film Festival this year for sure.

When dressing for their event, I felt that my outfit should include some glam elements.  I wore a necklace of three strings of pearls that my grandparents had made for me.  They mean a lot to me.  I also wore a lovely costume jewelry cuff bracelet with small fake diamonds and dangly earrings with bows.  I also wore a Merona cardigan (from Target) with some fun beading and ruffles.  I wore a Banana Republic silk shell with a pink mod pattern and ruffle around the neck.  The pants are from Macy's.  Nurture shoes again...they are most my comfortable heels.  I had to wear them for the event that will require extensive standing!

Yay for accessories!

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