About Angela

I wanted to start a fashion and lifestyle blog to push myself to evolve and try new things. I am a happy go lucky lady enjoying life in the Midwest.  I live with my husband Joshy and puppy Pistol in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I am super-excited to co-author this style blog with my best friend Shea!  It is a great way for me keep up with what Shea is doing across the pond in Ireland.

This is our beloved pooch, Pistol a.k.a. Poodie, Pood, Piddle and Pootelay.  You can see more pictures of Pood here.

I love family, friends, Jesus, fashion, traveling, nature, cooking and learning new things.  I started this blog to chronicle my pursuit of goodness, style evolution, life and travels.  I have a pretty classic and tailored style.  The style blogs I read push me to mix-it up and go outside of my comfort zone using the clothes I have!

I read quite a bit and I am always trying new things. I love hobbies. I am currently learning about gardening, blogging, photography, knitting, golf and paying the violin.

I am an attorney doing general litigation and insurance defense.  That means that we might defend you if you got into an accident and the other person involved sued you.  Your insurance company would pay us.  I really enjoy my job on good days.  I get to help people and work on causes I believe in.  Even on bad days I appreciate the flexibility of my job.  I can do my work from anywhere and at any time with the help of technology.  Especially as a partner, I will be able to set my own schedule.  We are hoping I'll make partner in a few years!

Camera used:  early pics were with my Cannon point and shoot or FujiFilm XR (sweet underwater camera).  Recent pics (since Feb 22, 2011) have been done with my Sony DSLR a230!  Most pictures are taken with a tripod and remote.  I am trying to learn more about the camera and about photography in general.  I actually have another blog where I showcase my photos of non-fashion related items called Angela's Lavani, you can check it out here.

To make collages I use photovisi for free.  Pictures are edited, text is added, and other collages are made with Picasa which is free from google.  It is great.

Just FYI for bloggers out there...if you would like to show old posts after your new posts ("you might also like" or "related posts") you MUST check out this amazing and easy widget.  http://www.linkwithin.com/learn?ref=widget called LinkWithin.  I searched for something like this quite a bit! I did not find any easy options that did not involve ME editing the html code of the blog which scares me.  So DO check out LinkWithin if you would like to link up to old posts.  Apparently it helps increase traffic too!

One of my favorite poems:

I have been blessed 
And I feel like I've found my way 
I thank God for all I've been given 
At the end of every day 
I have been blessed 
With so much more than I deserve 
To be here with the ones that love me 
To love them so much it hurts 
I have been blessed
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