Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Recap of the 30 for 30...and life after Re-Mix

Here is a collage of my 30 outfits made from 30 pieces over 30 days! It was rough, but quite a good learning experience.  As I explained here, there are great reasons to remix.

Why I remix?  

I remix because of what I aspire to be.  I want to be a confident woman with a sense of style that is not based on loud or excessively trendy pieces, but in the practice of wearing things in ways that immediately set me apart from the rest.  I hope to learn to disobey the “rules”, discard any fixed ideas on how to wear things and finally step out of my comfort zone.  I also need to stop buying random new pieces to wear, I need to learn to use what I have in new ways as Kendi Everyday mentioned.

Life Post Re-Mix

For this slightly sunny day I paired a J. Crew ruffled silk blouse with a patterned Antonio Melani shift dress.  Ironically I have worn this top several times lately.  In the spirit of the re-mix I have had fun wearing it in new and different ways.  I also wore Calvin Klein black tights and Milly snake print pumps from Scarpasa.  They are the most comfortable heels I have ever had.  They are my first Italian shoes ;).  I also wore a cuff bracelet from Macy's.  I used to think that tights with open toed shoes were a no-no....but I decided it was acceptable! What are your thoughts?

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