Saturday, March 5, 2011

Out for Dinner

Even though I am finished with the remix, I couldn't seem to part with a few of the items from my list just yet! I wore this out to dinner for my friend Gosia's birthday. We ate at Isaac's which is next door to Greenes and just as delicious...nom...nom...nom...

I'm wearing a white floral print dress from Bershka that I got in Barcelona. It has straps but they always come off and I actually like it better without them anyway! I accented it with a red belt from Arizona Trading Company and I wore the long sleeved keyhole top from Urban Outfitters under it. My black leggings are from Next this time but I kept the Penneys wedge boots only because it was a bit cold out and I wasn't sure how much walking we were doing that night.

I wish I had some funny story to insert here but even if something amusing happened that night I fell into a 'food coma' after the meal and wouldn't remember anyway!! :D

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