Thursday, May 31, 2012

National Donut...or Doughnut Day!!!!!

For those of you in the United States the first Friday in June is National Doughnut Day!  (I was a bit confused on the spelling of Doughnut...apparently it can be spelled either way.)

If you happen to be in Lincoln, Nebraska Lamar's is giving away a free glazed one.  Yay! I know Krispy Kreme does that also usually.

Picture from Geekologue.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ascension Tee

Yay! A pic where my hair is down! Still no make up but it's a start. I'm still working the 'casual' look here but I did throw in some kitten heel red shoes to add a bit of kick. I got this top as a gift from Angela! It's from Ascension which specialises in organic ethical clothing. I like how it's so soft and light with a good shape but not clingy. I put my hair up and took off the cardi to show you the pattern and somehow managed to lose my shoes in the process...
 Top: Ascension, Cardigan: New Look, Jeans: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Oasis

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Ralph Lauren blazer

The other day I wore my FAVORITE blazer, a Ralph Lauren one I received as a gift for my birthday while I was in law school.  I always feel so classy and cool in it.  I wore a brown and blue paisley silk cap sleeved top with a cute peter pan collar and brown Express slacks.  Sorry these pics are so dark!  For some reason my new living room doesn't get a ton of light in the morning just before I leave for work.  I wore leopard print Nine West pumps to add some spice.

Monday, May 28, 2012


I'm finding that becoming a momma has changed my style. It has something to do with the fact that it has also  changed my figure, but I find that I just want to be comfortable more than fashionable these days. That's why you are seeing so many outfits that are casual and me without any make up! I really miss putting together outfits like I used to back in college. I also miss being able to leave my hair down but with my son's clutching hands it is just asking for trouble (and pain...what a death grip he has!). I liked this top because I love butterflies and I thought it was cool how these are made out of segments of a map!
 Top: Next, Cardigan: Penneys, Jeans: Victoria Beckham for R&R, Shoes: Steve Madden

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Ridding clothes of bad memories

Have you ever had something bad happen while wearing a certain outfit, and you never could bring yourself to wear it again?  This lovely yellow bedazzled tank was that item for me.  I wore it at a party during law school that I would rather not remember.  I decided to finally get rid of the old "ghosts" so to speak, and give it another try.  I was set to attend a "Giving Spirits" event in Lincoln.  It's a pretty cool idea.  Every month people pay $10 to go to a bar and they get a free drink ticket.  The $10 goes to a charity that has been designated for the month.  I had a few really great Moscow Mule drinks, my new favorite, and a really great time.  Btw...if you like ginger ale you would probably love a Moscow Mule.  It has mint, lime, ginger beer (or ginger ale), and vodka.  Oprah has a recipe here.

Here's a picture of a Moscow Mule

It comes in a copper bug.  You usually have to leave your ID or something with the bar to get the cup.  They want to make sure you bring back the cup!  It costs $75 - $100 for a real copper cup

Friday, May 25, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Once again, it is time to play "Give it a Miss, Give it a Go or Give it to Me" where I'll post pics of celeb outfits and you can tell me whether you wouldn't wear it (give it a miss), like it and might wear it (give it a go) or love it and want it (give it to me). 

 Here is this week's contender...Britney Spears! All pics taken from Go Fug Yourself and you should check out that site too for some very witty stuff!
So, what do you think?

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Party after work

I had a challenge to dress for recently when a friend had her birthday party starting at 4:30 pm on a Friday.  I had to go straight from work.  Luckily we were having a casual Friday, so I wanted to wear the same out fit for work at the party!  I worea stretch jersey knit top with sequins and skinny jeans.  For work I added a black Antonio Melani blazer and black studded pumps.  For the party I switched to bright pink Nine West pumps.  

Here's a bit of a closer look at the sequin design.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Out at the races

I didn't really go to the races when I wore this outfit.  I felt preppy enough that I could have though! On one of our cold mornings recently I thought it would be a good idea to wear this yellow velvet J. Crew jacket I bought on ebay and this Chaps wrap dress.  The velvet is definitely a heavy weight material that I won't be wearing this summer.  But it's perfect for a chilly spring day.  For accessories I wore a gold and pearl chain necklace that Shea got me for my birthday.  I wore some nude color pumps with bows on them also.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Monday

So not my greatest picture but here is my Monday post anyway! Kept it simple today with just a basic cami and cardi. We bought a new table and chairs and some colour changing solar lights for our back garden. I can't wait for the weather to cooperate so we can use them!!
 Cami: Target, Cardigan: Oasis, Jeans: Charlotte Russe, Shoes: Steve Madden
Here's a pic of the garden at night!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Summery lime, corn, avocado, and tomato "dip"

We had most of my family up to our new place in Eagle, Nebraska for Mother's Day.  I'll do another post on that at some point.  I had fun using all of my china.  I decided to make my favorite summer "dip" as an appetizer.  It's really not a dip most people are used to. There is no ranch dressing involved.  It is just frozen sweet corn, grape tomatoes cut in half, a rip avocado cut in small pieces, and lime juice.  I think it is also very good with some cilantro in it.  This cilantro was harvested from my garden! It's so great being able to go outside and grab what I need.    The "dip" is simple but SO tasty with some tortilla chips.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Electric Blue

Here's another outfit featuring the owl necklace! I bought this style shirt in two different colours because it was pretty cheap and I think it's a nice shape (as well as comfy!). I saw Dark Shadows on Monday night with the girls. It wasn't great and to be honest I think Tim Burton might be losing his touch! Johnny Depp does a good job being 'creepy sexy' again though :D
 Top: Penneys, Jeans: Topshop, Shoes: Steve Madden, Necklace: A/wear

Friday, May 11, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Once again, it is time to play "Give it a Miss, Give it a Go or Give it to Me" where I'll post pics of celeb outfits and you can tell me whether you wouldn't wear it (give it a miss), like it and might wear it (give it a go) or love it and want it (give it to me). 

 Here is this week's contender...Elizabeth Banks! All pics taken from Go Fug Yourself and you should check out that site too for some very witty stuff!
So what do you think?

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Owl Make a Statement

So I know that some people think you should never wear black and brown together...also wearing black and  navy blue..but I often pair black with both those colours. This is a knit dress I got in Barcelona quite a few years ago. It's from H&M and does have a nice pattern and flared sleeves though you can't really see them in these pics (sorry!). I paired it with a new piece of jewellery from A/wear...a brown and gold owl statement necklace which can be found here! I was going to remove the tassel because I'm not really a fan of them but I'm kinda liking it with this particular piece so maybe it will stay.
 Dress: H&M, Leggings: Next, Boots: Faith, Belt: Penneys, Necklace: A/wear


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Pop of yellow

I apologize for cutting my head off! Picasa is not being cooperative right now.  I love the metal studs on this dress.  I added an Antonio Melani short jacket to the dress, and some Nine West metal studded patent leather shoes.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Preppy Plaid

The other day I layered a J. Crew silk ruffled cami under a plaid dress.  I added tights because it was a bit chilly.  These shoes are a new purchase via ebay.  They are "Sofft" brand patent leather.  I love the little bow on them.  I had fun with pearl accessories on this preppy day.  I double wrapped a long strand of J. Crew pearls and wore the matching bracelet.  I purchased both on ebay.  J. Crew items are much cheaper that way!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Windy days

So sorry for the lack of posts on my end! Life has been a bit crazy since we moved.  We are still in the process of getting all of our stuff moved to our new house.  Our new place is outside of Lincoln, Nebraska.  Our town is Eagle.   We are still in a "neighborhood" there is just a bit more space between the houses.  Our house backs up to farmland and a pond, as you can see a bit in the background of these pics.

I wore a black Banana Republic dress with a Jones NY tweed blazer, grey Vera Wang tights and light pink pumps with bows!  For accessories I added a Premier Jewelry glass necklace.

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