Sunday, March 27, 2011

Fashion on Game Day

I also enjoy jeans just as Shea does. I was inspired to be a bit more fashionable for game day on Friday.  The University of Kansas "KU" Jayhawks were playing in the Sweet Sixteen and we went out to a bar to watch the action.  That game against the Richmond "Spiders" (what a nasty mascot!) went well.  Alas, the Jayhawks did not prevail in the game last night against Virginia Commonwealth.  Why does KU always lose to schools I have never heard of?!

I wore a Banana Republic Blazer, Red Nine West Pumps my KU Jersey and Mossimo Jeans. 

The necklace with the large silver ball was from Forever 21 I believe.  Is it cheesy to wear a necklace with a basketball-esque shape....some might say yes.  I say...I LOVE CELEBRATIONS of any kind.  So celebrate I do. 

My watch is Michael Kors via ebay.

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