Saturday, March 12, 2011

Lovely Day for a Walk...

...Or so I thought!
In the second pic I have added my cream mac from Penneys (!) which is actually waterproof. I found that out while going for my "lovely walk in the sunshine." Just can't trust the weather here. I should know that by now but for some reason I always seem to leave the house without an umbrella! It looks much nicer and warmer outside than it actually was. The blue top is a new purchase from New Look. Since I haven't done any shopping in quite a while, I was a bit overwhelmed with all the new things out on display in the two shops I browsed through. Turns out though the stuff wasn't that impressive. I only ended up buying the top and a skinny tan coloured braided belt...okay I did get some liquid eyeliner and a bracelet...but I didn't spend very much (everything was on sale yay!). Back to my outfit, the belt is from Dorothy Perkins, the grey leggings are H&M and the black flats from Dunnes, all of which you'll recognise from the 30 for 30. Apparently, I wasn't as sick of them as I thought! :D The turquoise necklace is from Monsoon. I really love the little pop of colour it adds. I treated myself to a white chocolate mocha from Gloria Jeans once I reached town only slightly soaked!

Stay classy, fashionistas! ♥

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