Thursday, March 10, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursdays

 Sydney over at The Daybook has some great looks!

Sydney graciously hosts "Awkward & Awesome" Thursdays each week on her blog, where she posts her awkward and awesome moments.  If you want to participate, make sure you grab one of these styling Sydney badges, and link back over on her website!!  We heard about it through another lovely blog Statements in Fashion

1. Realizing there was a visible hole in my tights just above my ankle (aka not hidden) as I got on the elevator to go home. - Angela
2. Laying awake for two hours because I had bad dreams from a stupid Law and Order episode. 
3.  I thought YOU were going to handle that scheduling conference call with the judge! Luckily the partner agreed that it was HIS fault.  
4.  Having a random guy tell you "You're ok, I stopped beating people up in 1992."

1. I had some tasty peanut butter toast with a smiley face my toaster puts on it! Check it out here.
2. Heading to Garden City, KS to see a friend this weekend!  We're going to visit a "game reserve" where there is a herd of buffalo! 
3.  Hubbs taking my hand as we fall asleep.  Le sigh.
4. Sunny days.
5. Flowers blooming!

Outfits Lately

It's been quite cold here lately.  So I dressed for the cold on Wednesday.  I wore a soft and comfy Hampshire Studios pink sweater from Dillard's, black Simply Vera tights with a fuschia sweater and black pencil skirt.  My grey ruffled Mystree blazer was from Holiday Galleria.  I paired them with Bandolino animal print shoes to spice things up.

Today I decided to wear my giant Flintstones style pearls from H & M.  I love anything that is an odd size, AND I love pearls...they are perfect.  I wore a black Express turtle neck under an Adrianna Pappelli purple dress.  The shoes have a lovely pattern with purple and blue.  They are Anne Klein from Van Maur.

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