Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mixing the patterns

In an effort to push myself forward I have begun experimenting with mixing patters. Yesterday that involved mixing a stirped scarf with plaidish pants.  Today I am working with red tweed pants with a small zig zag pattern.  The black patterned scarf I am wearing has great texture and variety.  I've been wanting to wear it but found that it never "matched" anything.  So I have up trying!  I am wearing red J. Crew pants, a white Gap button down with very light pink stripes.  The scarf actually came from Wal-Mart awhile ago *gasp*  ;).  The jacket is Antonio Melani. 

Here is a close up of the scarf!


  1. I'd love to see a closer shot of the scarf :X It looks so sparkly! :)

    Castle Fashion

  2. im trying to learn to mix patterns, too!

  3. Yasmeen, I added a close up of the scarf. I'm having a hard time orienting it correctly. But you get the idea. ;)

    Archives, it is hard to mix patterns sometimes. But I love the depth it adds to outfits.

    Thanks so much for the comments!


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