Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Take Me Out

Well I have been suffering from a bit of insomnia this week. I really should be sleeping right now but alas I am not the least bit tired! Gonna force myself to catch some zzzzz's after this post goes up...

Day 22:
Last night I went to a local bar Costigan's for their spin on Take Me Out, a dating show that currently has both a UK and an Irish version. Quite hilarious stuff most of the time. The start time was supposed to be 9pm but in true Irish form it didn't kick off until closer to 11...typical! We (dragged the hubs along as well as my friend Michael) were pretty entertained until it became clear that most of the 'dates' were fixed! Booo...hoping next time there will be a bit more order to the whole thing too. Crazy chaotic! Anyway, I wore a new piece in my remix collection. This dress is a pixelated floral print with a zipper front from New Look. It's the only piece of clothing I own with this design. I wore it with the green cardi from Dorothy Perkins, leggings from Topshop and boots from Penneys.
Day 23:
Today I went over to the girls' place for dinner and a flick. I wore another new piece from the total collection. This time it was an animal print top from Charlotte Russe. It is sort of roomy but you can't really tell since it's underneath the pinafore dress from Warehouse. Leggings from Topshop and flats from Dunnes finished off my casual look for the evening. We watched The Other Guys and I thought it was pretty good in a weird kinda way! Every time I watch Mark Wahlburg in a movie though I just wait for him to start rapping about Good Vibrations LoL!!

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