Monday, February 28, 2011

Back to the Re-Mix - Links à la Mode

I decided to switch out a brown turtle neck for this ruffled yellow blouse to liven up my 30 for 30 re-mix experience.  I needed more color!  I will definitely be more careful in choosing my pieces next time.  I chose items that I didn't really like to find new ways to use them.  I have discovered I do love a few of these pieces.  I needed to include more color and a few more pieces I already knew that I loved!

I'm excited to find new ways to wear this silk shirt from Gap.  It was another cold day, so I paired the light weight ruffled tank top with a heavy tweed brown blazer from H&M and red tweed pants from J. Crew.  I really love the subtle red and yellow in this blazer.

Today is also the first night of my bible study for the season!  I am actually catholic, but I enjoy a United Methodist bible study group.  We will be studying the life and journey of Paul!

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