Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I'm Catchin' Up

Round 2 of the 30 for 30 Remix catch up! I'm trying to get my hands on a better camera and photographer (not that my timer skills aren't awesome). It also rained a lot here this week so outside shots would have been miserable. Anyway, here's the next set of outfits...

Day 5:
Okay so I felt a little bit 'blah' on day five and as such, didn't feel like getting too dressed up or wearing anything tight. Hence the flowy top which I believe had my mother asking me if I was 'trying to hide something' the last time I wore it. NO I'M NOT. Just feel a bit 'big' today I said. Anyway, the dark green tunic top is a piece I picked up at a local bar that does this sweet trading station for clothes. It's called Stitch or Switch at Chambers and it's a completely brilliant idea. You can either trade in your clothes or their in-house tailor will alter what you have for you instead. Wearing the black Topshop leggings here. Finished the look off with the key necklace from UO and the black boots from Penneys.

Day 6:
So I replaced the leggings with one of my favourite pairs of skinny jeans from Topshop called the Baxter and fits like a glove. Topshop is one of the only places I can find jeans that aren't a mile too long for my short legs! I replaced the top with a tube top from Charlotte Russe. I was drawn to the pretty colours and the plaid design. I added a pinstriped black three button waistcoat from New Look. The little mary-jane red shoes are also from New Look and are not only super comfy but were super cheap at 12euros. I find it can be hard to find shoes here because my feet are so tiny I wear a size 3 and most shops don't carry anything below 4 but New Look has a fabulous range of affordable and beautiful shoes! I accented the top with the heart pendant from Topshop.

Day 7:
Kept the skinny jeans and the red mary-janes. I look a bit sour in this pic and it's probably because I realised after I'd dressed up that my top is *slightly* see through! Lucky I didn't have a Hayden Panettiere moment! The black fitted long-sleeved top is from Urban Outfitters. It has a cute little keyhole in the back which I will get a pic of. I finished off the look with the key necklace from UO.

Day 8:
(Oh in case you're wondering, the jeans were washed before all the wearing!!) Weather continued to be horrible so had to stay in jeans again. Back to the dark green tunic from Stitch or Switch that I belted with a black ruffle belt from Dorothy Perkins. I wore a boyfriend blazer from Bershka to spice up this outfit and exchanged the red heels for black flats from Dunnes which is sort of like Target.

So there you have it, nearly caught up now and next time I can focus more on only a few outfits. Right now I'm listening to the 30 Seconds to Mars cover of Bad Romance and must say it is quite good...check it out! Doesn't beat the original for me...saw Lady GaGa in concert last October and she was brill but this is a different twist on the song. You stay classy, fashionistas x

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