Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Last Few Days

So I ended up going to Killarney for a bit this weekend which meant that I wasn't able to post when I wanted's the last few days of my 30 for 30 remix.

Day 9:
On the ninth day of the remix I decided to wear an unusual drop-waist dress from Dorothy Perkins. It has a nice floral pattern and this really cool bustle effect to the skirt. It also ties in the back and has a keyhole at the top. I wore the black long sleeved shirt from UO underneath (it was a bit chilly without anything covering my shoulders) and the black leggings from Topshop. The weather wasn't too bad so I wore my flats with this outfit.

Day 10:
I remixed quite a few of the pieces I've already worn for this day. I paired the blue plaid top from Charlotte Russe with the blazer from Bershka and the black skinny jeans from Topshop. I gave myself a bit of shape with the ruffle belt from Dorothy Perkins. Weather was still good so still able to wear my little black flats! This was a nice comfy outfit and I really liked the contrast between the top and the jacket.

Day 11:
The eleventh day my hair was a bit mad. I wore the bird print dress from Penneys with the electric blue cardigan from A/wear. I find that the dress is a little low cut for my liking so I usually wear a top underneath it. For this outfit I wore the black vest from Target. I continued my black flats streak and also wore the black leggings from Topshop. Again, all about comfort in this one and since it was my lazy Friday, why not?

Day 12:
Finally a pic not inside the hallway of our flat! Thanks to my hubby for taking this one. I quite like this outfit...never styled these pieces together before. Here I have worn a new item from my list. A high-waisted denim skirt from Dorothy Perkins. I almost didn't buy it because the length is a bit longer than I normally wear with the waist being that high. I felt a bit stunted. But I think it does work and I really like it. I paired it with the navy blue polka dot tunic from High Street Fashion and the red mary-janes from New Look. I like the puffed sleeves being showcased with this look and red and blue always look good together ;)

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