Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Trick is Layers

First thing's first, apologies that these 4 outfits aren't shown in more detail but in the interest of saving post space and catching up to Ang, I decided to just give a brief description of each. Once I'm all caught up I will only post about the outfit for the day with more pics and details for you! Here's the start of my 30 for 30 remix.

Day 1:
This is a dress that I chased down after seeing it on a girl in Debenhams. It has really cute detailing along the hemline and buttons on the front and back of the straps. It ties around the waist and is like a pinafore. It was a bit expensive for what it is but at Warehouse many things are costly! Paired it with grey zipper leggings from H&M, a green long cardi from Dorothy Perkins and my trusty (and cheap) black wedge boots from Penneys.

Day 2:
For day two I took a bold blue cardi from A/wear that has really cute sailor button details on the sleeves and paired it with a black and white polka dot day dress from Penneys which was a bargain at 13euros. Seriously love Penneys. You do have to be careful what you buy because a lot can be cheaply made and might only last you a few washes BUT there are some fabulous finds there and some of my favourite dresses came from Penneys allowing me to look fashionable without breaking the bank! I wore the dress over black leggings from Topshop, a black vest (or tank top as they are called in the US) from Target and the black wedge boots from Penneys. My silver heart pendant is from Topshop also.

Day 3:
Surprise! Another dress from Penneys! This is one of my favs...it is so comfy and cute at the same time. I love the bird pattern! It is layered but I had to sew the top sheer layer onto the navy blue one underneath because it kept hiking up when I walked. I paired it with the green cardi from Dorothy Perkins, heart pendant from Topshop, grey H&M leggings and black Penney's boots.

Day 4:
I decided to throw in a new dress I bought for the fourth day. Well, it's a bit short for a dress, sort of like a tunic really. It's from a new boutique in Killarney called High Street Fashion and was a bargain at only 20euros down from 45. It's navy blue with white polka dots. I really love the puff sleeves and the shape created by the ties around the waist. I paired it with the black leggings from Topshop and boots from Penneys. I wore a oversized gold key necklace from Urban Outfitters to top it all off. There are people who say you shouldn't wear navy blue and black together but I quite like it and I think it can work sometimes...same thing for wearing black and brown together.

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