Monday, February 14, 2011

Pink Valentine's & Cupcakes

So I went out with the hubby last night and celebrated V-day with a fabulous dinner at Greenes in town. A-maz-ing! Seriously. The food was just delicious and we were so full it was hard to move after the meal. There's a beautiful waterfall feature outside the restaurant too which was a nice romantic atmosphere.
Here's what I wore for our date!

Day 13:
I actually wore my hair down but for the purpose of better showing off the outfit I tied it up for the pic. I chose this pale pink strapless dress from Dunnes which was a bargain at 15euros for the date. I paired it with a lace capelet from Bebe and black tights and heels from New Look. The top of the dress is a bit uncomfortable because of the shaping it has boning in it. I like how flowy and girlie it is though.

I made these cupcakes as a little treat for David for Valentine's when he got home from work today. I add a little bit of vanilla extract to the mix and I don't bake them as long as the instructions say to because I find they stay a little bit more spongey that way. Stay classy, fashionistas! x

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