Monday, February 21, 2011

Shape Shifting

For the last few days I've been playing with shapes and putting pieces together that I don't think I would have if it weren't for 30 for 30. Like Ang though, I must say I am getting quite bored with remixing my 30 pieces. Can't wait to get back to my other clothes!!!

Day 20:
This day I tried the navy blue polka dot tunic from High Street Fashion and wore it under the black pinafore dress from Warehouse. The black leggings from Topshop and wedge boots from Penneys completed this outfit. I actually really liked the shape the puff sleeves created teamed with the dress. Sorry about the bad pic here...I tried several times to get a better one but in the end just had to use this one! Grr...

Day 21:
Today I mixed it up again with the green tunic top I thrifted from Stitch or Switch and the pinstripe waistcoat from New Look. I didn't have anywhere to go today so that's why I got away with bare shoulders! I wore the top over the skinny Baxter jeans from Topshop and gave the outfit a kick of colour with the red mary janes from New Look. The gold key necklace from UO added a touch of bling! ;)

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