Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mellow Yellow - 100 posts

Today at 8pm I will officially be 26 years old!  I love surprises, so I have not opened my presents yet.  Also, Shea and I have posted on our blog 100 times as of today!!! What an exciting milestone!  You always hope to keep up with these things, and I'm so glad that we have.  

Contrary to the song "Mellow Yellow" I actually find yellow a very happy and lively color.  So I decided to wear my yellow J. Crew silk shell with my white blazer and striped pans by apostrophe via Sears. I wore my gold linen bandolino shoes to finish things off.  I'm so sad that the toes have started to show some wear.  They are linen though, so I'm not sure if my shoe-guy can fix them!

Because of the extreme ruffles going on I kept accessories to a minimum.  So I only wore my silver ball earrings.

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