Monday, April 18, 2011

Road Tripping!

I realise I have been silent since Friday (tomorrow is Saturday and Sunday come afterwards...sorry couldn't resist the reference lol) but I have a good reason. I went on a road trip to Kilkenny with Michelle and Gosia for the weekend!! Here are a few of the pics I snapped :D
This is St Mary's Cathedral in Kilkenny
And this is Kilkenny Castle...
Okay so I'm cheating a bit...this is what it looks like when the rose garden is actually in bloom (it wasn't when we were there)
We had such an AMAZING time. I was very excited I managed to get there without getting lost (first time driving such a distance in my car with no navigational help from my direction savvy hubbs). We got quite drunk Saturday night and played charades which is even more entertaining with a room full of intoxicated people! All and all, a fantastic trip and we'll defo be making another one soon! Sorry for the lack of fashion in this post...enjoy the scenic eye candy though :D

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