Monday, April 25, 2011

Bank Holiday

This weekend was a bit of a blur...and I think I'm still feeling sick from too many drinks on Friday night! It was my friend Ann-Marie's birthday so she had a house party because all the pubs were closed for Good Friday. It was an excellent night so feeling horrible all day Saturday was worth it I suppose. Vodka is evil though! Then, my friend Erin was in town from Japan so I had dinner that night. I was worried I wouldn't keep it down but luckily I had recovered enough by then! Since I was in such a sorry state for most of the weekend, I didn't take many pics of myself looking very fashionable aside from these two which were taken before my alcohol takeover. Oh and today (Monday) was a bank holiday so I had an extra long weekend to relax with hubbs and enjoy Easter eating chocolate...because even when you don't feel 100%, you'll always perk up for chocolate! :D
Top: Urban Outfitters, Dress: A/wear, Leggings: Next, Shoes: Penneys

Oh and enjoy some music from the UO blog ♥

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