Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Joshy and I made the trip to California for a long weekend.  The first night it was quite chilly!  I expected warm weather.  But it was only in the 50s.  So I wore an infinity scarf that Shea made!  I paired it with a cardigan from Pennys in Ireland, a J. Crew Tee Shirt and Mossimo Skinny jeans.  We sent to see a Jazz act at the Baked Potato Jazz Club.  The only food they serve are 5 pound baked potatoes!

I also wore the Penny's cardigan to Disney Land and California Adventures.  I also wore a the Penny's cardigan with a blouse from Apt. 9 I found at Kohl's.

California Adventures has some construction going on.  They  had cute pictures of Disney toons all over.  We found one that looks like our puppy Pistol!  

On Sunday  I wore a the Penny's cardigan again with a sundress from Myan and Forever 21 leggings.

I saw this amazing art piece at Santa Monica Pier that they can use to put cool designs on the sand.

The pictures below are from the Griffith Park and Observatory.

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