Thursday, November 10, 2011

Boyscouts are cool!

Tonight was a busy one! I attended a continuing education event after work, had dinner at the event, then I went to a fundraiser for the Boyscouts of Nebraska.  One of my new bosses is on the board.  His son is on the way to becoming an Eagle Scout.  I got to taste some really great affordable wines.  I have to say that the Barefoot white zinfandel champagne was my favorite! It's most good things are :o).

I took a few pictures this morning when my camera was very cold...and not cooperating well.  I took a few more tonight before bed, and I apparently had already taken off my belt! That's what a wine tasting will do to you I guess.

I wore an Antonio Melani shift dress with accompanying wee jacket, black Calvin Klein tights, Nine West animal pattern pumps, and Premier pearl necklace with brooch.  

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