Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Marriage does not equal death

I went out on Friday night with a friend to Cavo bar in Lincoln.  It is a SUPER fun bar that has a drink I now love called the "Moscow Mule".  You can read about it on wikipedia here.  It basically has vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer or ginger ale.  It is so tasty when watered down a bit by the ice.

While out I was enjoying dancing with my friend and other fun people.  I wasn't interested in dancing with guys.  So usually I would keep a distance when guys came to dance with me.  One asked me if I was from Lincoln, I said no I recently moved here with my husband.  His response was to ask why I would be out and about because I'm married!??! Do single men really think that once you get married you fall into a hole and die?  I am totally cool with my hubby going out with his boys sometimes and I know that Shea feels the same way.

I don't really have my "going out" clothes here with me.  I ended up wearing a comfy paint splatter patterned dress from Forever 21.

Looking at the pictures I'm surprised anyone talked to me! I look a bit crazy!  I paired the dress with my black turtle neck, black leggings, and Aerosoles black leather boots.  I have been wearing turtle necks A LOT lately.  They keep me so toasty warm!

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