Thursday, February 16, 2012

THE Christmas present

Some people think it's weird that in my family we let eachother know what we want.  It is actually quite helpful! This particular fur vest from Zara caught my attention.  It was $70.00, which is far more than I would pay for a fun item that is not work related.  I thought this had the perfect combo and I LOVED it.  Grandma bought it for me...and it was definitely one of my favorite Christmas presents.  I have worn it a few times, but I didn't think the outfit was quite blog worthy.  This one was fun though.  I wore a black turtleneck dress, black leggings, and black leather Aerosoles boots.  For accessories I added two gold necklaces from Premier jewelry.  The pictures ended up a bit dark...but you get the idea.

One fun memory I have from Shea's wedding is a very serious conversation I had with a lovely friend of hers. He is quite a fashionable gentlemen.  He insisted that wellies (aka galoshes) were really never fashionable.  I insisted that if worn with a dress or skinny jeans they could be fun.  I am happy to report that Shea agreed with me that galoshes COULD be worn fashionably.  I hope she'll find the look below an acceptable one.

I happen to have a leopard print pair of galoshes from Nine West that I love.  

It happened to be a rainy day I wore the above outfit.  Here is my rain-ready version :o).

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