Monday, January 16, 2012

Bundle Up!

I had my final doctor appointment today unless I go over my due date by a week! I thought I would post a couple different outfits since I'm not sure how often I will be posting in the next few weeks. The baby's room is all finished (except for a wall decal I am still hunting for) and we're just waiting on him to arrive now :D As you can see, it has become quite cold here and it's now necessary for me to bundle up! Neither of these dresses are maternity wear and I think I have just reached the point where I am too big to wear them...luckily I won't have to be worried about that for much longer!
 Dress: New Look, Cardigan: Target, Leggings: Dunnes, Boots: Shu, Scarf: Penneys
 Dress: New Look, Cardigan: Target, Leggings: Next, Boots: Penneys, Scarf: New Look

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