Thursday, September 1, 2011

Fancy accessories

I actually won one of those blog giveaways not too long ago through Adored Austin.  I won a $40 gift certificate to InPink.  They really do have adorable things.  I bought the necklace and earring set that I wore the today.

I decided that because they were free I would take a risk.  I love the glam nature of them, but they were a bit less "tailored" that I am used to.

 I thought it was fun to wear the set with some stripes today.  I wore a black and tan striped cardigan with striped pencil pans and a light pink sleeveless blouse with knot detail.  I also got a new Cannon Rebel camera!  They were having an amazing rebate deal on that my husband found.  It captures so much more light than my Sony.  I did not have to add any light to these pictures at all.  I normally have to add highlights or light to my pics.

If you're at all interested, this set is still available on InPink's website here.  It is called the 


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