Sunday, July 3, 2011

Weekend Off of the Re-Mix & Scarf Swap

As I mentioned when I started the 30 for 30 Re-mix, I planned to take off the days when I would be traveling to Las Vegas with Shea.  Joshy and I are actually heading out tonight and will spend the 4th of July (and the 5th) at the Grand Canyon!

I have some Elle wedges that I have been meaning to try out.  I have been giving them a test drive this weekend before we leave.  On Saturday I had errands to run.  I decided to try out the scarf that the lovely Jessica from A Day in the Life of One Girl swapped with me for the scarf swap organized by Jessie at The Concrete Catwalk!

I love the bright colors and geometric patterns!  I'll definitely have to pair it with another dress soon.  I wore a black dress with the scarf around my waist and Elle wedges.

Today was another rainy day in Wichita.  I'm getting ready to travel.  I used to always travel in jeans and was not  huge fan of dresses. Over the last few years I have realized the comfort and ease of wearing a dress.  I wear them most days now.  I have now even started traveling in them!  This is what I plan to wear this evening even as we travel to Las Vegas.  I'll pair this with a jacket in case I get cold!  I'm thinking of a jean jacket or a flowy black light weight sweater.  What do you wear while traveling?

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