Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Sorry for a bit of blog silence there.  It's been busy getting caught up with life and work!

Shea and I had a FABULOUS time in Vegas. A large part of the fabulousness for me was just spending time with her though :o).  Here we are at the Cesar's Palace "Forum Shops".  The place is like a lovely jail.  So many ridiculously expensive shops and you can't get out!  You have to walk through the WHOLE thing to get to the strip.  I wore a tie-dyed XXI dress from Forever 21 and grey bedazzled flips from Kenneth Cole via Macy's.

I have to admit that they have some pretty amazing statutes around Cesar's Palace. 

I wore this to the show of the Cirque Du Soleil shows that was pretty amazing.  This dress is from Mod Cloth by TCEC.

Here are Shea and I in front of a water fall in the Venetian/Palazzo shops.  I was wearing a J. Crew T-Shirt and white J. Crew jean shorts.

We also made it over to Madame Tussaud's.

We didn't really gamble much....but I COULD NOT resist this Sex and The City slot machine.  I lost $1.

Here we are on the last night :o(.  We did find a restaurant called Batista's behind The Flamingo.  It was GREAT food.  For a flat price you get your on-tray, bread, all the wine you can drink (red or white house wine), AND cappuccino.  I wore an Express jean jacket over a top from Arizona Trading Company in Lawrence, Kansas made by a local designer ( a label that says "My Nemesis" is on the back) with white J. Crew jean shorts.  

We also visited "Old Las Vegas" on Fremont Street the last night.  It was actually quite fun with live music.

And yes, in case you were wondering, those ARE fried Oreos in my hand.  They were amazing!

The END :o).  

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