Thursday, June 23, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday + 30 for 30 pieces

Sydnei from The Daybook hosts Awkward & Awesome Thursdays.

1) The fact that I am JUST NOW posting pics of the 30 pieces/pairs of shoes that I am using for the 30 for 30 challenge.
2) Squinty eyes.  They are fine when I'm inside...they're a bit small, but they work.  However, when it is a sunny day and I am trying to take pictures I always end up looking like some sort of rodent who lives in the dark!  I must work on my Tyra Banks WIDE EYED look!
3) That I can't count! I have never been a numbers person.  Somehow I ended up with only 26 pieces below.  I guess I now can add in a few more shoe options!  Yay shoes!

1) Lovely summer days.  Yesterday it was a fabulous 65 degrees and sunny as I did my morning run.  It was perfect.
2)  Running is getting easier.  As noted above, I enjoyed my run the other day.
3) Only NINE DAYS and 17 hours before I make it to Vegas and get to see Shea Babe!!!

30 for 30 Pieces

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