Thursday, June 16, 2011

Awkward & Awesome Thursday + 30 for 30 so far

Sydnei at The Daybook hosts Awkward & Awesome Thursdays and we like to play along.

1. Losing pictures!  Somehow I lost my day 1 pictures of my 30 x 30 outfits.  I'll re-do it though.  It was a lovley mono-chromatic pink look!
2.   Being behind posting my choices for the Kendi Everyday 30 x 30 challenge.  I'll get that done this weekend hopefully!

1.  Picking your clothes for the challenge carefully.  I took quite a bit more care this time ensuring that options would work well together. 
2.  The weekend!  Yay! It's almost here ;).

First Few Days of the Challenge

On Day 2 I wore an Antonio Melani Dress and Banana Republic Brown Jacket.

On day 3 I wore an Antonio Melani jacket, Apt. 9 skirt, and INC white blouse with cut-outs.  I wore black Nine West pumps.

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