Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You Forgot Your Pants!

I don't often wear leggings as pants, in fact I can count the times on one hand. Even in this outfit I'm not sure it qualifies (well obviously it counts since I'm not standing in my knickers!) because my top is long so it's covering up my bum. I think my issue with wearing leggings as pants is that I just don't feel comfortable having my 'bits' on show like that! I always feel slightly self conscious. I've noticed that I don't like the crotch area of my pants (leggings, jeans, etc) to show either and I much prefer longer tops. I have refused to by tops that I really like because they were too short. This didn't used to be the case and I'm not sure when the shift happened. Do you have any habits like that?
Top: Lipsy, Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins, Leggings: Next, Shoes: Penneys

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