Sunday, June 10, 2012

How does your garden grow?

In a departure from our normal programming, I have decided to do a post about  my garden.  I have always wanted a large garden.  We purchased a new home recently which is on a bit of land.  I have finally gotten my wish.  My garden started out looking like this in April:

Here are the tomatoes in May.

Then my wee sugar snap peas coming up in May!

And is now looking like this:

These are red onions starting to sprout!

These are butternut squash plants.  I planted some seeds in the ground that I got from a seed exchange here in Lincoln.  Apparently these squash can be kept in a cool dark place for more than 6 months!

Here are some of my herbs.  You can see the dill, some flowers to attract bees for pollination, and lavender. 

Here you can see my basil and out of control cilantro!  The cilantro plans is about 2 - 3 feet tall now.

Here's some wee strawberries.  The birds keep eating my strawberries :(.  Maybe these ones will make it.

The sugar snap peas are climbing away!

Here are my pepper plants growing up!

One even has a baby orange pepper growing!  Apparently they turn orange once you take them off the plant.

Last but not least are my tomatoes!  I have several wee tomatoes growing. 

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