Friday, June 1, 2012

Fabulous Friday

Something a little different this Friday. The 2012 Eurovision Song Contest was last week. Ireland did not do as well as last year :( but at least there were actually some pretty good songs this time around. Gofugyourself has made up a great piece about the fashion on the nite! Check it out...and here are some of my favourite songs from this year!
Denmark (which scored very poorly...don't know why?!)

Moldova (purely for the awesome robot-girl back up dancers!)

Greece (pretty catchy dance tune..a lot like 'Secret Combination' from 2008 Eurovision)

Sweden (this one won...I think there were better songs and her 'performance' was odd)

Ireland (Jedward were back this year...didn't like the song as much as last year and apparently neither did the voters...only got 19th place!)

Hungary (really liked this...again not sure why it didn't do better!)

Turkey (this was good fun...thought it would do well and it got 7th)

Italy (kinda Amy Winehouse/Imelda May...also quite catchy!)

Malta (check out these sweet dance moves!)

Slovakia (did not even qualify...this was 80s hair metal deliciousness!)

The Netherlands (also did not qualify...sort of Cher/Katy Perry singer wearing gigantic Indian

I hope you enjoy the tunes! xx

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