Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Traveling to Aspen

Here is Joshy and I after day 1 of driving.  We had just arrived in Boulder, Colorado.  I wore a comfy Columbia plaid shirt, jeggings, and boots.

Here is day 2, exploring Boulder.  I wore a Gap vest, White & Warren cable knit cashmere sweater and Elle jeggings.

Here are the "Flat Iron" mountains just outside of Boulder.  I cannot imagine how students at University of Colorado get much done with such beautiful scenery around all the time!

This is in Aspen, Colorado.

There were some pretty ridiculous houses and amazing shopping.  Can you imagine a Burberry and Dior staying in business in a town of 6,000?  Granted, it does go up to 30,000 during busy times.  But still.  I guess it takes only a few rich people to keep them going!

We also got to see the "World Cup", women's downhill skiing competition! We saw competitors and teams from all over the world.  I have to say, Austria and Germany have some amazing skiers.  Lindsay Vonn did pretty well for the US though!

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