Tuesday, October 18, 2011


If you missed out on the amazing clothes, accessories, and house wares that the Italian designer/company Missoni partnered to make with Target - don't feel bad.  I did too.  Target's website went down, and I couldn't find anything in my price range that they still had.  I really wanted a piece or two of their luggage!

This Missoni for Target luggage will be easy to spot at the airport! Photo by Target

Elissa over at Dress with Courage went out to her local Target store and scored a few Missoni items including the scarf I wore today!  She generously gave away several Missoni items on her blog.  Elissa also had a very cool interview with Angela and Margarhita Missoni about partnering with Target on her blog.

Brief aside - I'm not a huge fan of wide leg pants.  These pants are exhibit A.  They are comfortable, and great wool.  They just aren't flattering!

Today I wore a Missoni by Target scarf that I pinned to make it into an infinity scarf.  I also wore a sweater with Ralph Lauren blue wool pants, brown tweed sports coat from Banana Republic, and Nine West pumps. My pin was a gift from grandma.

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