Tuesday, March 20, 2012


My husband and I are now in Italy for some great sight-seeing with my in-laws. I have some posts of outfits I've worn lately that will be coming up.  I am super excited to see the sights in Rome, Florence, Bologna, and Venice.  I'm sad to be missing the christening of Shea's baby this week!

A new friend of mine went out of town recently and I got to take care of her puppy Dixie.  My friend has some really lovely antiques including this vanity.  I love the drape of this style of cardigan.  Does anyone know what is is called? I wore a grey cardigan from Ireland, a orange tee with flower accents from Kohl's and simply vera jeans.  I had actually just had my hair trimmed that night and the stylist did a bouffant in my hair.  It's a bit difficult to tell though! My hair is so fine,  bouffants and things don't hold well.

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