Saturday, August 27, 2011

Paula Deen

Shea mentioned at one point that she was cool with random cooking posts going up.  So here's one of my cooking projects of late.  I have loved listening to Paula Deen's Autobiography lately.  She is so funny.  I know that she uses to much butter and all.  But I just love how confident she is.  She has so much personality and is unapologeticly plump.  I tried her Deluxe Twice Baked Potatoes Stuffed with Shrimp not too long ago.  They turned out so well!  I actually even forgot to put in the 6 tb of butter and mayonnaise.  There is an adorable video of Paula and her husband Michael making these on Food Network's website.  I wish that Paula Deen was my Auntie!

I did 5 smallish russet potatoes.  I had so much extra inside goodness that I had to put a dollop on the cookie sheet for the second baking by itself.

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