Friday, January 28, 2011

Travels to New Orleans

My husband and I had never been to New Orleans.  We had a lovely time seeing the sights over Christmas.  We do have wonderful families that love us.  But, as a young couple with limited vacation time we have to travel when we can. We attended Christmas Eve mass at St. Louis Basillica.  It was PACKED.  We actually tried to go to 5pm mass but there were no seats left when we arrived 30 minutes  early.  So we arrived about one hour and fifteen minutes before midnight mass.  There was a huge crowd already waiting.  We did make it inside though. 

We learned about the "shot gun" houses that the French built.  Apparently privacy was less importat than a good breeze.  So everyone walked through each room and bedroom to pass throught the house.

We also REALLY enjoyed the street muscisans.  This is the "Smoking Time Jazz Club".  They are amazing.  We actually bought their CD, which I have added only my jazz playlist.  You can hear their stuff here.

We took a wonderful tour with Confederacy of Cruisers. It was a VERY cold Christmas day...but our tour guide made it out. On the tour we went all over the Ninth Ward and saw the Arts Academy in New Orleans! It is a public magnet high school..many of the greats learned here and continue to give back..including members of the Marsalis family and Harry Connick Jr.!

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